[Newbies] How do I lock a Morphic GUI?

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Thu Nov 4 17:54:45 UTC 2010

Hi Hannes,

HH> Is there a preference for this? Searching for 'lock' and searching for
HH> 'halo' did not bring up anything useful.
HH> How is it done programmatically?

        "Warning: do not call this lightly!  It disables all access to menus, debuggers, halos.  There is no guaranteed return from this, which is to say, you cannot necessarily reenable these things once they are disabled -- you can only use whatever the UI of the current project affords, and you cannot even snapshot -- you can only quit. 

     You can completely reverse the work of this method by calling the dual Preferences method enableProgrammerFacilities, provided you have left yourself leeway to bring about a call to that method.

        To set up a system that will come up in such a state, you have to request the snapshot in the same breath as you disable the programmer facilities.  To do this, put the following line into the 'do' menu and then evaluate it from that 'do' menu:

         Preferences disableProgrammerFacilities.

You will be prompted for a new image name under which to save the resulting image."



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