[Newbies] (no subject)

jon jonsen noejes at gmx.de
Wed Sep 29 10:03:41 UTC 2010

Hello, this is the first time I use this site and I wonder where I can see the posted questions or a chat or something...

My question is about the method "perform: with:". One can write "2+3" as 
"2 perform:  #+ with: 3", where #+ becomes a object. Now I want to write another form of "2+3" where "perform: with:" is a object. I tried things like 

2 perform:  #(perform: #+) with: 3

2 perform:  #(perform: #+ with) with: 3

2 perform:  #(#perform: #+ #with) with: 3.

But all that is more like try and error and I dont have a idea how "perform " really works.

I wonder if anybody will read this...

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