[Newbies] Re: Randomness + Pause/Delay?

michael rice nowgate at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 7 21:47:41 UTC 2011

I ported my morphic app to Etoys and it does indeed work differently (randomly) now each time I bring it up.. The app simulates a simple game with two players taking turns putting their colored blocks (blue and red) upon one of two towers, randomly selected. The game ends when both towers are topped with the same color.

In a playfield, the playGame pseudocode script:

TEST towers topped with same color blocks
  YES initialize game to starting conditions
  NO blueAction

But the two scripts, blueAction and redAction, in sequence, appear to happen simultaneously. Is there a delay mechanism, like a marktime tile, that could separate two scripts by a specified number of ticks? If not, are there any plans for one?


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