[Newbies] smalltalk program execution

Erlis Vidal erlis at erlisvidal.com
Tue Apr 19 13:47:55 UTC 2011

Hi guys,

I have a some questions about program execution:

If I have a text file with some smalltalk code, is it possible to execute
that code from the outside of the VM graphical interface?

I'm looking a java like execution. Java as smalltalk use a VM to execute the
code, but the way java execute the program, some people don't even know
this. Due to the nature of smalltalk I don't know if what I'm asking is

-- these are other questions I have ---

How are applications deployed in smalltalk?

Once I have the image I can see how things are implemented. How do you do
hide implementation that probably don't want other to see? Is there
something written about this that you can suggest? I'm just looking to
decrease my smalltalk ignorance.

I really like this language, and I'm wondering day after day, what cause its
extinction, I've read about what java did and that stuff, but I think there
should be more than marketing stuff. The questions I'm asking are some the
reasons I see that prevent me to use smalltalk on my day to day job, are
these reason the cause that this great language(system) is not being used
more widely?

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