[squeakland] [Newbies] Introductory documentation for OSC in Squeak

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas offray.luna at javeriana.edu.co
Fri Apr 22 18:58:59 UTC 2011

Hi Ricardo and all,

El 16/03/11 19:28, Ricardo Moran escribió:

>> Thanks Bert and Ricardo for your quick answers. I will try your advice.
>> vvvv is a graphical programming environment for physical computing and
>> interactive art which has an interface with Arduino. The web page is here:
>> http://vvvv.org/
>> Is only windows only, so finding Physical Etoys was a really bless for a
>> "Linux Zealot" like me :-).  vvvv has support for OSC for communication and
>> because I'm using Physical Etoys is the way to communicate my work with the
>> work of everyone else. The idea is to send data captured from arduino in
>> Physical Etoys to vvvv so we can make a collective proto-interactive art.
> Oh, that's cool. I'm sure you won't have any problems with OSC for Squeak
> but feel free to ask me if you have any question. Also, keep posting the
> experience in your blog. I'll stay tuned! :)
> Cheers
> Richo

I just want to update you about the project. For the moment we left
physical computing for our final project (although the space of arduino
is active in the Hackbo.co site). Is was a short seminar on interactive
art and the key idea was the overlapping of meanings in a digital art
context to create new meanings. For now my project is related with
"digital distopia" informed by comic strips, newspapers and microblogs,
and I have posted a question about how to mix all this in and Etoys
environment on a separate thread. I will keep you posted there and ask
more newbie questions.



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