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Louis LaBrunda Lou at Keystone-Software.com
Thu Apr 28 14:05:09 UTC 2011

Hi Rick,

6 // 2 results in an integer value of 3.  3 asCharacter results in a
character with a value of 3 but that is not the printable character of $3
which has an integer value of 51.  Try sending #inspect (like: 3
asCharacter inspect) to objects, it should help you see what/how things are


On Thu, 28 Apr 2011 09:26:34 -0400, Richard Wallace
<rick.m.wallace at gmail.com> wrote:

>Thanks for all the feedback and analogies to Java.  In addition to the
>original question...
>| a b c |
>a := 6 // 2.
>b := a asCharacter.
>c := b isMemberOf: Character.
>Transcript show: 'Member of Char: ', c, '   b = ', b; cr.
>Member of Char: true   b =
>I was wondering why b is not getting displayed.
>Thanks in advance!
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