[Newbies] Deleting elements from a Collection while looping through it

Jan Teske jan.teske at student.hpi.uni-potsdam.de
Sat Dec 10 18:43:48 UTC 2011


I have a question concerning the behavior of Collections in Squeak. 
Recently I face a problem when trying to delete some elements from a set 
during a 'do:' message.
Have a look at this sample method:

     doFallForAllIn: aSet
         aSet do:
             [:block | block fall ifFalse: [aSet remove: block]]

It loops over a set of blocks and performs the fall message on each of 
them. If a block is not falling I don't want it to be in aSet after the 
function returned so I remove it from the set. Squeak doesn't seem to 
like that since some rather strange error now occures: If a block is 
removed from the set, the next block in the set will be left out from 
looping... sometimes. Nearly all the time it works as exspected, only 
sometimes a block is ignored. I couldn't find any pattern when this happens.

So my question is: Has anyone an explanation for this? Does the error 
occure because the way I'm doing it is fundamentally wrong? Or am I just 
overlooking something and it is possible to remove blocks from a 
collection while looping over it?

Thanks in advance!

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