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chsmith at xmission.com chsmith at xmission.com
Wed Dec 14 14:33:53 UTC 2011

Thank you great Squeakers,

We are starting a different school that runs by having the students
create what they use and consume. We are looking at Brazil and India
as our first pilot sites. Working with those who other wise do not get
access.  We have a good group of young poeple that are working with us
with the idea that we can change to world by building: brains with
board games; brawn with laser tag: material and mental wealth with

We are not looking to prep these students to work for someone else.
They will continue to work for themselves with new sources of energy
and local materials. There have been several operations that have
operated for over 30 year with this model. The bare foot college is one.

We are using the advancement in energy to take it to the next level  
which will bring us to an opportunity for learning programing. we have  
millions to work with since more than 4 billion people still live on  
less than a $1000 a year.

Will keep you posted.

Chuck Smith

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