[Newbies] Any Beginner Introduction on Squeak Usage

Enrico Schwass ennoausberlin at mac.com
Fri Feb 11 11:31:43 UTC 2011

ericgao <ericqiu at gmail.com> writes:

Hello and welcome,

> Have used Squeak for some days, but it seems I still don't have very
> clear idea on how to use Squeak for develop, only know to open class
> browser to type in code and run in workspace and debug step by step,
> any introduction on other function of Squeak? 

You definitely want to read


If you dont know about yet, take a look at method finder. Also there are
some screencasts at 




> and any API reference for Squeak development environment?

Most of the time there is no use for external API docs. Because you can
explore the image within the image. Most methods are sorted in common
protocols. So there are easier to find.

> How could a create a fresh image for Squeak developement?

The brandnew 4.2 image is a good start. If you want to reduce image size
Cuis might a good start. 

There is also a load/unload mechanism.


> And after clicking on create a new project, squeak go to a grey place,
> how could I get back? Only i could do is closing the Squeak....

In the world menu click on Go to previous project.

One last remark: Dont give up to early. The learning curve during the
first two weeks might be steep, but later on you will be very productive

Keep on

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