[Newbies] How can I create a scripting tile in Etoys/Squeak

K. K. Subramaniam kksubbu.ml at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 01:39:20 UTC 2011

On Monday 14 Feb 2011 2:07:53 am Steve Thomas wrote:
> I am working on learning squeak and want to know how to create a scripting
> tile for use in Etoys.
Bring up Etoys (scripting tool) for a morph by clicking on the 'eye' halo 
icon. You will get a flap containing property and command tiles for that morph. 
You can drag the "empty script" tile into the world to get an empty scriptor. 
Or drag any desired property/command tile from this flap and drop it into the 
world and a scriptor will automatically be created around this tile. You may 
drop further tiles from Etoys flap into this script to build a sequence of 

While scripting, you may find it useful to keep "All Scripts" (controls running 
of scripts) and "Players" morph (list of morphs with scripts) around.

Also see http://www.squeakland.org/tutorials/


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