[Newbies] Re: Image not Locking Down

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Sun Jan 2 12:26:42 UTC 2011

Hi Joe,

jb> Sorry I do not understand.  What is the attatced cs?  What is the
jb> squeak stone age?

obviously I didn't take enough time and assumed too much. cs is a
changeset, kind of old way to save and manage source code. More or
less a script (which can compile code) with some meta information.
Everything plain Smalltalk where compiling code is done like
everything else, sending messages to objects.

Open a file list (tools) and select the attached file. then you get an
option to browse the code and to file in parts or all of the code.
Dragging the cs on the squeak window should work too.

The Squeak stone age was a joke. The author of the code has left the
community a while ago and if you open the file with an ASCII editor
you will see it's from 2003 which is quite old in the context of
software. Actually I made the remark because I believed it was from
Squeak 2.8 instead of 3.4.

I tried the code on a recent image and it still works. You load
(file-in) the code. In a workspace do-it:
Preferences disableProgrammerFacilities.

Again be sure to use a copy of your image.

Hope I was more clear this time.



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