[Newbies] Keyboard input - programming course

Stephen Woolerton sdw2 at shineonline.co.nz
Mon Jul 4 23:44:20 UTC 2011

> Then, make a Morph and send it messages. Evaluate each line individually to see its effect.
> 	joe := Morph new.
> 	joe openInWorld.
> 	joe position: 100 at 100.
> 	joe color: Color red.
I'm running Pharo 1.2.1 and hope you can help in this list. Am running 
Mac OS X 10.6.7.

I can't see how to get halos so that I can remove morphic objects I've 
created. Also, if I click Ctrl-Click on an object, I get a context menu, 
however choosing delete doesn't delete the Morph. I can inspect the 
object via Morph/ImageMorph/PasteUpMorph.

Also System/Settings/Appearance/Morphic/Halo doesn't have anything that 
helps either.

Should I be running Squeak if I want to use Morphic?


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