[Newbies] Initials and settings

Mateusz Grotek unoduetre at poczta.onet.pl
Thu Jun 2 10:24:41 UTC 2011

I have another three questions:
3. How do I change my initials in image?
4. Is there a way to copy all settings from an old image to a new one?
By "all" I mean not only preferences, but also fonts and Monticello
5. What is the official way of installing packages in squeak?
I've noticed there are many, like Squeaksource and Monticello, Squeakmap
and package universe, Monticello configurations.
I also understand that Monticello is a versioning system (like svn),
Squeaksource is versioning system repository (like svn repository). If I
understand it correctly Squeakmap and package universe are like linux
distribution package repositories (like debian apt repositories). So
what are Monticello configurations? Also it seems the analogy isn't as
clear... Squeakmap etc. is kind of deprecated (?) (old versions there).
People suggest to use Monticello configurations instead i suppose, but
are they another way of managing packages? Please could you clarify this

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