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Am 30.06.2011 11:53, schrieb Randal L. Schwartz:
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> You keep bring up GNU Smalltalk.
> Not to be annoying, but you *do* realize this is a *Squeak* Smalltalk
> newbie list.  If you want to get started with Squeak, check out the
> Squeak tutorials at http://squeak.org/Documentation/
I brought up GNU Smalltalk for a good reason:
I miss that clearification concerning FloatD/FloatE/FloatQ *in any
documentation about squeak*.
(And beside: I do not plane to make bowling or other games in Squeak!
And even in Ducasses Book "Squeak: Learn Programming with Robots."
numeric precision is not a topic.

Well, one might say squeak is squeak and Smalltalk is Smalltalk -
certainly I know, that there are dialects of Smalltalk.

But on the back cover of "Squeak - A quick trip to Objectland" I found
an intro:
"The Squeak programming language, an open and portable Smalltalk-80
implementation, ...".

And the home page of squeak remarks:
Noteworthy aspects of Squeak include:
    * A mostly Smalltalk-80 and ANSI Smalltalk X3J20 compatible language
and base libraries
    * ...

So it should be legal to compare to i.e. "Draft American National
Standard for Information
Systems - Programming Languages - Smalltalk" and ask about such
Smalltalk-80 topics including compatibility. Ironically one can download
it from the squeak wiki
(wiki.squeak.org/squeak/uploads/172/standard_v1_9-indexed.pdf). So if
you do not like GNU Smalltalk, read page 28 of "Draft American National
Standard for Information Systems - Programming Languages - Smalltalk"
"An implementation may support up to three different floating point
numeric representations with
varying precision and ranges ..."

But that source does not explained why squeak does have asFlotD/E/Q as
well. But that is explained in the GNU Smalltalk documentation and I am
absolutely sure that that is true for Squeak as well.

I would be thankful if you give me an advice, where I should aks my
questions if not at the beginners mail list?
> If you want to learn GNU Smalltalk instead, I'm sure there's an
> appropriate mailing list for you to join.  Please don't ask about GNU
> Smalltalk here.

I did not ask a GNU Smalltalk question!  I asked a "Draft American
National Standard for Information Systems - Programming Languages -
Smalltalk" question concerning Aqueak and GNU Smalltalk as well. But I
found an explanation in the GNU Smalltalk docu, that is missing in *any*
Squeak docu! (I browsed all of them for FloatD/EQ!)

I do not want to learn GNU Smalltalk and I do not want to learn Squeak,
but I want to learn Smalltalk- 80! (Squeak and Smalltalk-80? See above!)

If you and the Squeak Organisation do not like such questions simply
remark on the home page:
*"Squeak is not Smalltalk-80 and not ANSI Smalltalk X3J20 compatible**!*
And may be you might add: Just a Toy for Children. The Squeak homepage
claims just the oposit.
And you might add: Do not bother us with Smalltalk queations, we are
just gaming.

Some CS people have warned me to caution against Squeak as I told to
give it a try. So you see that the Squeak reputation is not very high.
With your mail you force the common broad idea that Squeak is just a
gaming thingy for kiddies.

I would thank anyone very much who can point me to another free
Smalltalk-80 Version - than I promise not to bother you any longer.


B. Blochl

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