[Newbies] Dictionary>>at:put:

Tim Johnson tjohnson at iwu.edu
Fri Mar 11 16:36:46 UTC 2011


I'm digging into some code I haven't touched in at least a year.  I was surprised when something which used to work no longer works.  The image has moved from a PPC Mac to a Windows PC.  It is based on 3.10.2-7179.

The error that appears to be happening is when I attempt to put something into a Dictionary at a key that doesn't exist, I'm getting an #errorKeyDoesNotExist instead of it just putting the thing into the dictionary at that (new) key.

Dictionary>>at:put: is clearly supposed to create a new key if one doesn't exist.

OK, I just did a Quit->Save and started it back up again and the problem went away.  :/

If anyone has any explanation, please share.  Otherwise since the problem is gone, you can happily ignore me :)


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