[Newbies] Is GStreamer live? (in connection to Squeak)

Sergio forester.mirkwood at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 22:43:16 UTC 2011

Good time of day.

I wonder if there is anyone who use GStreamer-related plugin/packages.
Packages are marked as last updated near Nov 2008, they do contain errors as
I can judge, and absolute lack of documentation. Then, after I'd loaded
GStreamer into precompiled All-in-One-4.2, code

GStreamer default.

immediately raised plugin initialization error - primgstinitcheck -
primitiveFailed (on Debian GNU/Linux amd64).
In locally compiled Squeak, GStreamer connections do work, I succeeded
(after fixation of a couple of obvious errors) in constructing easy audio
chain and playing OGG/Vorbis from file to ALSA. Is GStreamer plugin/classes
supported these days, is there anybody interested in?.. :-) :-(
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