[Newbies] Debugging - any hints, tutorials ?

Ralph Johnson johnson at cs.uiuc.edu
Sat Mar 19 12:13:21 UTC 2011

Here is what I can tell.

You are using Seaside.  Somewhere in the page you are using a
TreeReportColumn, and when you try to display the page, it is
expecting a block with one argument (that is why it sent #value:) but
got a block with a different number of arguments.  If I were debugging
this, I would look at that block because probably it is something you
wrote.  When you see it, you'll probably say "Oh, sure, that block
should take an argument", though perhaps you will say "Why should
*that* block take an argument?"  but in either case, it will probably
be a block that you wrote.

Note that there is no class "Block", what we call a block when we are
looking at a Smalltalk metod is really an instance of class

> BlockClosure(Object)>>error:
> BlockClosure>>numArgsError:
> BlockClosure>>value:
> SUTreeReportColumn>>render:on:
> [] in [] in SUTreeReportColumn>>render:indent:on:

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