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michael rice nowgate at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 23 00:17:13 UTC 2011

Hi Bert,

I downloaded Etoys from the recommend site (latest version), ran the script (etoys.sh), and it opened up, refreshing my memory that I had created the project in an Etoys window. I then loaded the project without complaint.



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On 22.03.2011, at 22:15, michael rice wrote:

> One last question. I tried loading a project I created last year and I'm getting this message:
> This project cannot be loaded into an older system.
> Please use an OLPC Etoys compatible image.
> Are projects created with an early versions off limits to later versions?

If you created the project using an Etoys image, it should load fine in a newer Etoys version, but it might not work in other versions of Squeak (at least not until we merged the Etoys changes back).

You can download the current Etoys release at http://squeakland.org/

- Bert -

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