[Newbies] Monticello finding a class-side method that doesn't exist

Tim Johnson tjohnson at iwu.edu
Mon Mar 28 18:28:32 UTC 2011


I was trying to package up some old code of mine using Monticello so I could migrate to a new image (and also maybe take advantage of MC's revisioning, too).

When MC got to the "Snapshotting methods..." process, it was choking on a class method that didn't exist.  It was trying to get the category of BlSchedSession class>>scheduledShifts.  But there is not a single class method in BlSchedSession.  That method /does/ exist on the instance side.

I tried a bunch of things to find out what was wrong, but what ultimately got me through to success was creating a dummy BlSchedSession class>>scheduledShifts method for MC to find.

My question: does Monticello's choking hint at something wrong in my code?  Could I be making some errant reference to a BlSchedSession *class* method instead of its instance method?  Should I go do a search through method source or Senders of...?

Is Monticello reputed to be a code sanity checker?  :)


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