[Newbies] Re: Getting HPDF running

Leo leon at die-genossen.de
Sat May 7 16:34:44 UTC 2011

Levente Uzonyi <leves <at> elte.hu> writes:

> Right, FFI is just a tool to use libraries written in other languages. So 
> you need the dynamic libraries for libharu for your platform (available 
> at http://libharu.sourceforge.net/ ) to make it work.
> Levente

Hey Levente,

thanks for your answer!
Actually I've never used FFI bevore... Could You outline what I have to
do to use the libharu dll with FFI, or where I can find more 
information about that?

All google came up with is: 'On the pc, I just installed FFI, copied a 
FFIPlugin and libhpdf.dll to  the squeak directory, and was done [...].'
which doesn't explain anything at all (at least to me).

I'd be really greatful.

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