[Newbies] Sprite animation in Morphic?

Derek O'Connell doc at doconnel.f9.co.uk
Wed May 11 07:34:11 UTC 2011

On 11/05/11 04:15, Casey Ransberger wrote:
>  Hey all,
>  I have a big pile of sprites (frames of bitmapped character animation
>  with bit-masks) that I'd like to animate. I've done this before in
>  the raw with C, but never with Morphic. I'm afraid I'm liable to
>  reinvent the wheel unless I find a lead on what the right way to do
>  this is in Morphic.
>  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Not sure about the "right way" but would like to see an informed answer 
to that myself :-) In the mean time AnimatedImageMorph appears to be a 
good starting point, sub-classed for adding animation features 
(position, scaling, etc). Scratch code is a good reference for this sort 
of thing.


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