[Newbies] smalltalk and squeak

dimitris chloupis thekilon at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Nov 18 13:41:46 UTC 2011

>The normal way is to select the actual instance var you want to change. 
>"all inst vars" is good for overview but I've never thought about 
>attempting changes there, not sure it is even possible.

Apparently its not, and I have no idea why i did not try the instance vars themselves
:D being a noob is really all about .... being a noob :D

Thank you it works like a charm now. 

>Ah Blender, one of my all-time favourite programs and the reason I 
>learnt Python :-)

Yeap blender is great and python even more so, but squeak is just amazing. 
I am frequenting #squeak irc and there some kind people there tutor me and
I am amazed with every single thing I learn, I have been searching this visual
way of programming all my life . And yet it was there way before I even input
my first code for gwbasic. If it can also interface with C via FFI as easy I have 
been told it does , then I see no reason to use any other programming language 
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