[Newbies] Class Morph subclassing Object Morph. Possible ?

dimitris chloupis thekilon at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Nov 27 07:41:06 UTC 2011

I was embedding one morph inside another and I then i hit the "make own class" menu option, it made me a class that subclassed imagemorph class , made sense. But of course the new class had not the embedded morphs. I see that all a morph is doing is to have a instance variable submorphs and stores there which morphs are embedded. So I was wondering if it was possible instead of subclassing from the ImageMorph class to subclass from my actual object ImageMorphxxx , so that submorphs instance variable to become a class variable and then new class to have embedded all the sub moprhs. 

Is that possible or am I talking non sense here ? 

All i want is my new class to come embedded with all its submorphs. Because as it is , its just anempty class. 
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