[Newbies] perform withArguments

Dawson abu_joseph at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 24 18:12:42 UTC 2012

Hi Randal,

thanks for your note ... yes we believe we've made some mistakes in our
program already, but there are so many undocumented things in Squeak ...
(or at least we can't find them, or know what to look for) that we
figured we'd try to get a prototype going, and then fix it up as we
learned more about Squeak. Each of the cells (cell1, cell2 ... etc) are
insantiations of a Class that we wrote called SudokuCell which is one
cell in a 3cell X 3cell Sudoku block, and then nine of these blocks are
built up by the 3cells X 3 cells ... we did some brute force stuff
because we just couldn't find things that we thought we needed. We are
really quite new to Squeak. I've come from a Fortran / Assembly language
/ C / C++ / Eiffel background, and my son came from a Scratch background.

Thanks for your suggestions,


On 24/04/12 6:07 PM, Randal L. Schwartz wrote:
> The problem is upstream of this.  Why do you have variables named like
> "cell1" through "cell9"?  At that point, your design went awry.  Back up
> to there, and put those values into an array, and things will clear up.

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