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Louis LaBrunda Lou at Keystone-Software.com
Tue Apr 24 18:34:03 UTC 2012

Hi Dawson,

>Hi Louis,
>Thanks, your advice looks very good here we hadn't even thought about
>ordered collections (we studied the "Squeak by example book" before we
>started our project, but sometimes it's hard to figure out when exactly
>you might need to use stuff you read about, even if you do the examples)

Your welcome.  Please don't feel bad about asking what seems like dumb
questions, there really aren't any.  Also, it is often hard to know which
programming construct best fits your needs, that takes experience.

>.. I had thought there might be a way of "building up" the "cellObject
>cellLock: aBoolean" ... judging from the replies, it seems that it is
>either a) crazy, b) it can't be done, c) no one knows how to do it.

I don't know if I would say it is crazy but some might.  Mostly I use VA
Smalltalk, it is designed more for business use that Squeak is (that's not
a knock on Squeak, it's just the way it is).  In VA Smalltalk the compiler
is not included with the packaged images.  In Squeak, you always live in
the image with the compiler.  I expect there is a way to build up a string
that might look like this: "cell1 cellLock: true" and then send it to the
compiler and then execute the compiled code returned by the compiler.  I
bet Bert and many other in the group know how to do this.  But once you
play with collections, you will see it is not needed.

>I think we'll give your suggestion a go when we get a few minutes.
>(ah .. the we is my son and I).

Sounds like a great father/son project.  I have done some with my boys but
wish I could do more, so I envy you both.

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