[Newbies] Newbie stuck on page 43 of SBE getting syntax error trying to run SBEGame (Quinto)

dav0 dav0 at virtualsynthesis.net
Thu Aug 23 03:49:46 UTC 2012


I seem to be able to fix the issue by running the same exact image (in fact
I zipped up the entire workspace) on another (slightly newer - Fedora 17
versus Fedora 14) machine.  I now see the "MessageNotUnderstood" error as
is documented in the SBE book.

My guess is that maybe the VM on the problem machine has yet to fully flush
out the bits of the SqueakV41.sources even though I re-ran the workspace.
 Either that, or there is some issue with the older Fedora 14 environment -
not sure?

The good news is: I'm back in Squeak business!


p.s.  The reason this took so long is because I first had to figure out how
to run Squeak remotely from the other machine using X11Forwarding since it
is a headless server.  Speak up if anyone is curious as to how I am doing

On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 7:34 PM, Chris Cunnington <
smalltalktelevision at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 12-08-22 7:25 PM, dav0 wrote:
>> Oh, and now I remember the other reason that the
>> Squeak-4.3-All-in-One.app didn't work for me on my 64 bit Linux system:
>> $ chmod +x squeak.sh
>> $ ./squeak.sh
>> Running 32-bit Squeak on a 64-bit System. Hope the 32-bit runtime
>> libraries are installed ...
>> ./squeak.sh: line 38: /home/dav0/vr/squeak/a1/**
>> Squeak-4.3-All-in-One.app/**Contents/Linux-i686/bin/**squeak: Permission
>> denied
>> ./squeak.sh: line 38: exec: /home/dav0/vr/squeak/a1/**
>> Squeak-4.3-All-in-One.app/**Contents/Linux-i686/bin/**squeak: cannot
>> execute: Permission denied
>>  Yea, the 64-bit issue is pretty legit. I don't think there's any problem
> at all with the Linux distros. I've installed using yum and it's a more
> pleasant way to go. I was just mentioning it with reference to matching
> source files to images. But it sounds like you've got a working system.
> Most people don't get the vm and the image/changes separately, but it
> doesn't seem to be holding you back. Tallyho.
> Chris
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