[Newbies] Stackoverflow - for raising mindshare?

Sebastian Nozzi sebnozzi at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 16:29:44 UTC 2012

So far the reactions have been positive. I am (positively) surprised :-)
I want to cross-post (squeak/pharo) these in particular.

2012/12/3 Camillo Bruni:
> yes!! very important! smalltalk has too little presence in the web!

Yes, unfortunately. But we can change that ;-)

> mailinglists won't help with that fact, as they act almost as closed communities.
> Also it happens way too often that questions are re-asked and reposted, whereas they
> could be answered on stackoverflow.

2012/12/3 H. Hirzel:
> Yes, I think cross-posting is a good idea.
> And I suggest that you post to Stackoverflow first and then invite
> people from the Squeak list to contribute.

Good idea.

> The answers on stackoverflow are indexed in a better way than in this
> mailing list.
> Note aside: good keywords in mailing lists posts also help to identify
> an answer in the archive.

Didn't think of that, good point. I tend to write too much rather than
too little anyway :-)

Thanks all of you for your feedback,


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