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If you were modeling a soda can vending machine, you might have classes to
model the domain including Can, Money, and Dispenser. Example from:

I think a lot of people think of the domain as the database, but I've
always thought of the database as how you store your domain model, not the
domain model itself.

The object store is concerned with state. Domain objects have state and

See Fowler: http://martinfowler.com/eaaCatalog/domainModel.html

Note that many systems written in object-oriented languages don't have
domain models by this definition. Compare with, say, Table Model from the
same book.

--David Mitchell (@davidmitchell)

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>  On 12-07-06 11:24 AM, Bruce Prior wrote:
> I see the term object domain used a lot these days but I'm hardpressed to
> understand what it actually is.
> Can someone please tell me what an object domain is and perhaps give an
> example?
> many thanks.
> Bruce Prior
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>  I'll take a shot and somebody can correct me. The domain is related to
> your data, your database, how you modeled the problem into pieces of data.
> So the object domain would be the objects related to holding or delivering
> data from you persistence/database.
> In the MVC, model/view/controller, pattern the model is the data/database.
> The view presents it to an input device i.e. screen or web page. The
> controllers work between the two.
> The object domain would be the model objects. A SQL database, say.
> That's my take.
> Chris
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