[Newbies] Fading out a morph

patrick dudjalija patrick.dudjalija at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 13:23:03 UTC 2012

Hello everyone !

I found a way to fade out a morph via the BitBlt class.
Problem is with the code line "(Duration seconds:1) asDelay wait."
When this line is present, i don't see the intermediary states, only the
final result.
But i need wait time at each iteration of BitBlt copyBits, precisely to
visualize the fading out ...

see code below.

Thank you very much for any help ...



s:=SketchMorph fromStream: (FileStream

s openInWorld.

s center:Display center.

1 to: 10 do: [:el|

(Duration seconds:1) asDelay wait.

destForm: s form
sourceForm: nil
halftoneForm: ((Color white) alpha:0.2)
destOrigin:0 at 0
sourceOrigin:0 at 0
extent:(s extent)
clipRect: ((0 at 0) extent: (s extent)) ) copyBits.

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