[Newbies] Re: Differences in OpenGL support on Linux vs. OS X?

Phil (list) pbpublist at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 21:26:58 UTC 2012

On Jun 8, 2012, at 10:03 PM, Phil (list) wrote:

> On Jun 8, 2012, at 4:56 PM, Phil (list) wrote:
>> Having said that and made the change to openGLLibraryName, now I'm getting a segfault on my first OpenGL call.  I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit desktop with 32-bit compat libs installed and running with proprietary X11/OpenGL (fglrx) drivers and libgl1-mesa-dev installed... do I need to symlink the library to a specific location or is there anything related to my configuration that sounds like the culprit?
>> Also, it finally dawned on me that I had too many variables in play troubleshooting this while trying to do everything at once (i.e. using a different vm/image/code) so I've installed Squeak 4.3 with the 'classic' VM (though I'm open to using any combination of VM and image that helps sort this out), using the current repo versions of FFI and OpenGL to try to keep the troubleshooting as straightforward as possible.
> It turns out there are two flavors (builds) of the same VM and I picked the wrong one:
> VM obtained via Ubuntu Software Center download:
> squeakvm -version reports:
> 4.4.7-2357 #1 XShm Tue Apr 24 17:12:58 UTC 2012 gcc 4.6.3
> Linux yellow 2.6.24-29-server #1 SMP Tue Oct 11 15:57:27 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
> plugin path: /usr/lib/squeak/4.4.7-2357/ [default: /usr/lib/squeak/4.4.7-2357/]
> Seg fault
> ===============================
> VM obtained via Squeak all-in-one:
> squeakvm -version  reports:
> 4.4.7-2357 #1 XShm Sun Jan 23 18:17:31 PST 2011 gcc 4.3.2
> Linux vps2.piumarta.com 2.6.18-028stab053.10-ent #1 SMP Thu Feb 28 20:34:08 MSK 2008 i686 GNU/Linux
> plugin path: /home/phil/Development/Smalltalk/phil-images/sq43/Squeak-4.3-All-in-One.app/Contents/Linux-i686/lib/squeak/4.4.7-2357/ [default: /home/phil/Development/Smalltalk/phil-images/sq43/Squeak-4.3-All-in-One.app/Contents/Linux-i686/lib/squeak/4.4.7-2357/]
> Works
> Looks like the first one is a 64-bit build and the second 32-bit which would probably explain it.

OK, now that I had a working VM/image combo, I was able to make some further progress...

One additional change I discovered I needed to make beyond OpenGL-Core-bf.17.mcz was:

OGLUnix glExtGetProcAddress: aString
	"Answer the function address for the given extension function."
	<cdecl: ulong 'glXGetProcAddressARB' (char*) module: 'libGL.so.1'>
	^self externalCallFailed

The module: param should still be GL for Unix systems but the #openGLLibraryName parameter did not work (I assume that this call is not being rewritten as the others are)

Now on to Cog VM...

osVersion is returning a different value under Cog so I had to modify:

OGLUnix openGLLibraryName

(Smalltalk osVersion = 'linux' or: Smalltalk osVersion = 'linux-gnu')
		ifTrue: [ ^ 'libGL.so.1' ]
		ifFalse: [ ^ 'GL' ].

Also, unlike the Squeak VM, Cog wasn't finding the OpenGL library so I had to:

ln -s /usr/lib/libGL.so.1 <plugin-dir>/libGL.so.1

So now I have OpenGL working on both the classic Squeak VM and Cog, but I'm now back to my original problem re: Linux vs. other platforms w.r.t. OpenGL.  Fortunately, it appears someone has previously discovered and resolved the issue via a VM change:


Hopefully this helps anyone else who might run into this on Linux.


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