[Newbies] Re: Is it me, or a problem with FileDirectory?

David Lomas dl3 at pale-eds.co.uk
Fri Jun 15 12:23:24 UTC 2012

First, apologies if the threading is lost - I was unsubscribed from the
list on email, therefore I didn't get my original post or replies, so I'm
not sure if this will join up!

Thanks Bert - 4.3 works well, so I'll backport it. I tried Pharo 1.4 which
I happened to have lying around, and that still has the issue, but there's
discussion on the issue tracker about abandoning FileDirectory, so I guess
it's not so important to fix there...

Back to Squeak - can I just export the whole FileDirectory class from 4.3
and install it into 4.1? Or does it depend on too many other things?

Thanks again,

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