[Newbies] Scamper and Squeak-4.3

Guillaume Thouvenin guillaume.thouvenin at polymtl.ca
Thu May 3 20:30:15 UTC 2012


I'm new to the list so to introduce myself I'm a kernel developer and I 
don't know anything about object oriented programming. As I like to 
discover new things I decided to learn a new object language, is there 
something better than smalltalk :) ? Thus, to discover smalltalk I 
started by doing some tutorials like the "laser game". As I like books, 
I bought "Introduction à Squeak par l'exemple" by Xavier Briffault. At 
the beginning of this book author gave lot of examples if cool 
applications like games, music, graphics, etc to discover squeak. It's 
very cool but I don't found most of them in squeak-4.3-All-in-app. The 
book is based on Squeak 3.0. For example I tried to launch Scamper. It 
seems easy, just click open -> web browser. But there is no entry "web 
browser" in my menus. I read the page http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/14 
and they said that there is no separate installation currently... I 
think I missed something. I also tried to use Alice with 3D objects but 
without any success. Nothing found... The only thing that works was: 
"Display restoreAfter: [WarpBlt test1]". Other applications failed.

So if someone can give me a link or two to install at least Scamper and 
how to play with Alice 3D objects it will be cool :) I don't think that 
it's important but I'm running squeak on Linux.

Thanks for your help,

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