[Newbies] Reset Morphic Drawing After Error

Jeff Gonis jeff.gonis at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 18:24:03 UTC 2013

Hi Everyone,

So when I am using Morphs in Squeak I like to instantiate a morph and then
iteratively change it on the fly, having it respond to step calls, change
how drawing works etc. All in all, this works pretty well and is one of my
favorite ways to develop.  However, one thing that does occur from time to
time is that I will introduce an error that is triggered during the drawOn:
call to the Morph.  When this happens the morph stays instantiated in the
world, but its canvas is drawn all red with a yellow "X" through it,
indicating that my drawing code has failed.

My question is how do I cause the drawing of the morph to be reset after I
have corrected this error in the drawing code? As it stands now I just take
the lazy way out and re-create the morph as a new object and continue on
with my experimentation. However, if I could reset whatever drawing state
needs to be reset, and have the morph continue on with the fixed code, this
would be pretty great, and get me one step closer to my ideal method of

Thanks for your help,
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