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Kirk Fraser overcomer.man at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 18:10:59 UTC 2013

Since Squeak now has a fast virtual machine, how can one get developers
moving to build a full applications suite to obsolete Microsoft, making it
unnecessary for any computer user to leave Smalltalk as in the early
vision?  A team converting open source C projects like Google Chrome and
Open Office would be a start.

Rant: Over the years I've experienced Microsoft's wrath many times.
Starting with the PC Jr, when trying to upgrade it's memory, MS started
deleting files.  The full experience came with Windows Vista where turning
off updates caused many serious errors.  I even tried Ubuntu then but coped
by keeping the Vista CD in the drive so it would always know it was legal.
Microsoft's insidious nature didn't really get my attention until I moved
and changing peripherals caused MS to ask for the CD for MS Word, which I
can't locate.  It quickly decided to not only block further use of MS Word
but also disabled the print spooler so no other editor can print.  Seeing a
similar pattern on a computer I was using as a webpage server (so I chose
no updates to keep it running continuously), it appears Microsoft again
supplied a virus or malware to require updates by slowly degrading the
video.  All that past experience and more didn't gel for me until I thought
about it.  Anyone wanting a reliable computer must migrate away from

I found Ubuntu has part of the same problem, with frequent updates causing
errors that weren't there before the update.  So I'm thinking what computer
users really need for every program is readable source code that works
which they can update if they choose.  The original Smalltalk dream can
make it happen.  When Squeak can do everything from formatting disks to
distant control of a webserver, we can finally say goodbye to the operating

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