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Unfortunately this is not a question with a short answer. 

Namespace for instance variables: they're visible within the instance object they live in. Class variables are tricky; they're visible to the class they belong to as well as its subclasses. Class instance variables are visible only from the class they're declared in. 

Blocks in brackets which look like [Object inspect] may have closure semantics (this is true in the latest Squeak, Pharo, and Cuis, but hasn't been integrated in e.g. Scratch.)

Traditionally, Smalltalk-80 has had a single global namespace for classes, but I think Squeak and Pharo are running Environments now, which breaks up the single class namespace in a way familiar from languages wherein one must include xyz in order to get access to certain state and behavior. 

Hopefully this helps, as confusing as it is. 

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> What scope is implemented in Squeak? Where can I find proper tutorial or description of this for Squeak's implementation?
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