[Newbies] I need an idea. I know you have some. Give.

Louis LaBrunda Lou at Keystone-Software.com
Fri Mar 8 15:27:05 UTC 2013

Hi Casey,

Here are a couple RasPi ideas, maybe we can make some money off of building
them/selling the hardware/selling pre configured memory cards.

Make a RasPi based file server with an external USB hard drive.

Make a RasPi jukebox.  Music can be saved on a large memory card or an
external USB hard drive.  I'm not sure how good the sound capabilities are
on the RasPi so that could be a problem.

Build a home security system based upon the RasPi.

Build a small all-in-one computer (maybe for the kitchen) by attaching the
RasPi to a small display.  Would have to come up with how to have/not have
a keyboard.


>Hello Squeakers!
>My job search is turning up dead ends, hurry up and wait, and unfathomably boring prospects. 
>Screw all that! I want to do something cool. 
>I'm thinking about doing a KickStarter, but almost all of my ideas are either a) stuff no one else wants which only I could possibly think would be cool, or b) overly ambitious. The words Andreas used to describe my last idea: "a bit grandiose." Gift for understatement at times. 
>So I'm looking for something which could be completed by one or two geeks in six months to a year, which people actually want, to be implemented (at least in part) using Squeak, and to be released at the end under the MIT license. 
>I've floored my expenses, so I can make my own labor (relatively, for a guy living in Seattle) very cheap. By floored, I mean the room I sleep in isn't even tall enough to stand up in -- I do not presently meet the definition of a free-range chicken -- and I've disconnected my cellular service. I want to be an efficient engine for getting things that matter to me and other people done, rather than go on being some tool used to ship lucrative enterprise crapware. 
>So here's the $x question: what do you want me to do? I have a Raspberry Pi on order, so bonus points if you can work that in somehow.
>The person with the best (realistic) idea will be credited for it. 
>Inspire me! And thanks for reading all the way down to the bottom of this message. 
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