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Joseph D. Kulisics kulisics at chem.ucla.edu
Sat Mar 16 02:26:45 UTC 2013


I have been trying to get Balloon3D working on a linux installation of Squeak. I'm using the 4.10.2-2614 VM from the UNIX Squeak site. I am also using the Squeak4.4-12327 updated to 4.4-12333 image. After I install the Balloon3D-1.1.3.mcm package through Monticello from http://www.squeaksource.com/Balloon3D, the package appears to load correctly, but none of the Balloon3D morphs work. The all fail to launch because the B3DScanner class does not exist. I've searched the web for a day, and I can't find any information about the state of the Balloon3D package. Is it still supported? If it's supported, where is the B3DScanner class? Is there another source for the package? Thanks,

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