[Newbies] a policies system

paolo.bernardi.67 at gmail.com paolo.bernardi.67 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 26 19:31:27 UTC 2013

my annoyng tennis club need to implement
some logics about how/when/wether a user can
request/obtain the reservation of a tennis playground.

I'm persuaded that smalltalk should not hard-code domain specific rules,
instead: domain-neutral objects should be used/combined to reify
domain objects. In this way the modification of business rules falls
in the user space.

So I'm thinking about Resource / Activity and Policy + Rule objects.
Resource should render the concept of "things a user can deal with",
Activity what "a user can do with resources".
Policy/Rule should implement tools to combine them into logics
that control and command resources and activities.

Strategy is the design pattern I know as nearest to what I'm thinking,
but it's still too restricted as scope.

I don't figure where (...I'm sure is around...) in Squeak/Pharo does exist
something like my "policies".


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