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Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Sun Oct 13 09:21:46 UTC 2013

Hi David

replying to the contents of your mail not to the subject. Sandboxing is 
a different matter.

There are several ways to distribute Squeak as an application. The 
Squeak all in one is an example.

Disclaimer: I never distributed a packaged Squeak application myself.

An overview:

When Squeak is saved it starts just where it was saved, e.g. with an 
animation (or your app) runnig.

There's a startup list in which you can enter messages which are sent on 
system startup. (e.g. start and initialize your app)

Squeak can take a command line parameter which is the name of a file 
with Smalltalk source which will be executed. This may start your app.

There's a lockdown script which can be used to make the dev tools 
unavailable to the end user.

Scratch and Etoys are examples of applications with the development 
tools hidden.

In the preferences you will find options to disable the search for a 
sources and changes file and other things you may find useful for 
distributing an application.

You can resource-hack the icon of Squeak and just replace the splash 
screen with your own picture.

If you want an installable package, people use some of the freely 
available installer generators.

Not sure if this list is exhaustive.

As a first start I suggest you download the all in one from squeak.org. 
Then bring your image in a state that you would call "My application 
running". Save that image.  Use that image and changes to replace the 
image and changes in the all in one (Assuming you use Squeak 4.4 for 
your app). Voila, you have a one click application that runs on Win, 
Linux, Mac.

Due to the nature of Smalltalk there is no different VM for an 
application. There is no difference beteween e.g. the compiler or your 
application. Both are just objects that get sent messages. The VM runs 
both in the same way.

Then maybe you can ask more specific questions.



Am 13.10.2013 10:23, schrieb David Holiday:
> Hi all,
> I'm just now getting into squeak and finding it a delightful 
> programming environment. I am, however, curious as to why some 
> features don't seem readily available. First and foremost, why isn't 
> there a stripped down version of the VM that runs Squeak programs and 
> nothing else? That is, why isn't it possible to distribute Squeak 
> program to users in the way Java developers distribute Java programs?
> To put this another way, let's say I'm a Squeak developer and I want 
> to distribute my program to a community of people that does X. Under 
> the current paradigm, all the people that do X also have to be Squeak 
> savvy people if they are going to make use of my program. They have to 
> be savvy enough to know what it is, install it, run it, install my 
> program, and run my program. Moreover, they have to know enough about 
> the Squeak interface to know what to do if they accidentally close my 
> program window. Conversely, with Java, the user doesn't have to know 
> anything about Java beyond downloading JVM. In this way, I can 
> distribute my program to everyone that does X without having to worry 
> about whether or not they also know anything about Squeak.
> So why isn't something like this available?
> David Holiday
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