[SPAM] Re: [Newbies] Reading PNG images into squeak image is slow

Mateusz Grotek unoduetre at poczta.onet.pl
Fri Oct 25 17:40:01 UTC 2013

Levente Uzonyi pisze:
> Thanks. I found a really bad bottleneck, and fixed some others in
> PNGReadWriter. I have uploaded my changes to the Trunk, you can find
> them in Graphics-ul.275.
> Loading any of the png images you've sent takes 1-1.5 seconds on my
> machine with the new version. They took 4-7.5 seconds with the old, so
> the speedup is about 4-5x, which might not be enough for you.
> You could achieve another 2.5x speedup if your images were in RGBA
> format (they are in RGB now), because that way the scanline can be
> converted to a Form without byte level manipulations.
> Levente
Thank you very much!!!

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