[Newbies] deleting a file from Windows system directory

Ben Coman btc at openInWorld.com
Fri Sep 13 03:56:51 UTC 2013

Marcos Cevallos wrote:
> Hi
> I´m newbie in squeak
> I want to know how to delete a file in a windows system directory in
> pharo 1.3 seaside 3.0.7
> I really appreciate it

hi Marcos,

Welcome.  I hope you are having fun with it.  First, I've updated the 
subject to be more specific.  That makes it easier for us to track.  
Hope that is okay.
A few queries then to narrow down the scope of your query..

You say 'windows' but use all lower case. 
Do you mean 'Windows' as in Microsoft Windows? 
Also which version?

By 'system directory', do you mean 'C:\Windows\System' or 
'C:\Windows\System32' or some other protected directory?

You imply that you already know how to delete a file outside the system 
directory. What is the code you used that was successful for that, which 
fails with a system directory?

What things have you tried already?
* Can you delete the required file outside of Seaside, just Pharo 1.3 ?
* Can you delete the required file outside of Pharo 1.3, from Windows 
Explorer, and from the command-line ?

btw, You may find the following of interest...

I'm not an expert, but with answers to those questions I hope I'll be 
able to help you.

cheers -ben

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