[Newbies] Re: Beginners Digest, Vol 93, Issue 1: object instance browser

kilon.alios kilon.alios at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 07:09:39 UTC 2014

Personally I am finding Smalltalk a breath of fresh air. I cant say I was
challenged to learn Squeak tools  even though Squeak was the first Smalltalk
I tried and few years ago, even though I have been coding for fun for 26
years ,  I had no idea Smalltalk existed. 

I find coding too stuck to stone age, still CL coding being the most popular
way to code and tools, IDE tools still to primitive for coding and languages
barely change and move forward.  But the "stone age" curse is dominant in
area of life that money and big businesses takes a hold of. Smalltalk for me
is like the "bronze age" . So as you imagine I laugh every time I hear about
"modern language" or "modern tools" for coding.  For me we still have a long
way to go before we reach a "modern" state but Smalltalk is definitely
pointing to a good direction. 

Learning is a lengthy process. If you can jump to using something easily ,
then it means you don't have something new to learn and that is definitely a
bad thing. Knowledge is everything. 

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