[Newbies] Open that fucking thing.

Hans Schueren werbung at hans-schueren.de
Thu Dec 11 12:54:32 UTC 2014

Who says that programming in smalltalk is different from others ?

You can write smalltalk with a simple Texteditor. However.

I have written a simple program here , with smalltalk V 2.0 , 16bit

1. The programs name is : Prozentrechnung

     Only one class is the programm. Only one method is the program.

     ok. there could be more interdependencies such like "subroutines"
           not important for understanding

2.  The method "startUpApplication" from the class "Notification"

       is responsible for opening the own programm. ( itself a class 
uhhhhhhhhh )

       So the only thing you have to do is to tell the 
strartUpApplication method

       the program Name.    here   Prozentrechnung new open.    thats all

3.   Now you have to type a Method named   open.     for Notification to 

4.   In most cases is is      self  and then the startmethod of your own 

       Here in my program the Promter is asking first with a simple window

       to INPUT  DATA !

Very simple and easy.

I dont care about the endless procedures in other smalltalk implementations

but one thing is shure .   " i have opened that fucking thing here in 
smalltalk ! "


Object subclass: #Prozentrechnung
     'Berechnung '
   classVariableNames: ''
   poolDictionaries: '' !

!Prozentrechnung class methods ! !

!Prozentrechnung methods !

              "Simple Percentage Calculation"

       | x  y  ergebnis |

   x  :=  Prompter prompt: 'Input a sum' default: ' '.
   x  :=  x asInteger.
   y  :=  Prompter prompt: 'Input percentage % : ' default: ' '.
   y  :=  y asInteger.
   ergebnis :=  x * (y/100).
   MessageBox message:  'Ergebnis ist: ' , ergebnis printString!


    "Open that fucking thing"

    self calculate! !

startUpApplication: oldWindows
         "Opens up the the run-time application window.
          oldWindows are the windows that were opened when
          the image was saved."

     "Replace the below code with the startup code for you
       For example:
         Puzzle15 new open."

     Prozentrechnung new open.

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