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 On Thu, 20 Nov 2014 06:53:21 -0800 Bert Freudenberg wrote:
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<summae3... at mypacks.net> 

>> Hello,
>> I once saw a workspace example which caused a morph to move along 
an arc in a 
>> realistic way - appearing to be affected by gravity. Possibly 
written by 
>> someone from Disney?  Now I search in vain to find it. Please 
give me a 
>> reference.

>Morphic is not really set up for workspace-style programming. It 
>assumes you 
>will create your own morph class and implement methods to specify 
>It's certainly possible to do. But you will run into various 
>problems that you wouldn't have if you did it properly.
By "properly" do you mean: creating a morph class with methods to specify behavior?

- Dan
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