[Newbies] A morph for doing 2D plots

summae3443 at mypacks.net summae3443 at mypacks.net
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Thicker line widths would be useful for some plots. Example: net assets versus time, where several of these piecewise continuous curves are plotted together, each with a distinct color. Each one might have 100 points.

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>summae3443 at mypacks.net pisze:
>> This is very much appreciated. Thank you, Mateusz.
>> How can I change the line width used by the relations?
>> Dan Norton
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>I don't know exactly what you mean, but I assume you want to make the
>relation "line" thicker. In the current version it is impossible, unless
>you modify the code. (It's still alpha :-) Do you think it is a useful
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