[Newbies] Beginner wants to start graphic windows in Smalltalk 80 - need help

Hans Schueren werbung at hans-schueren.de
Wed Nov 26 13:10:42 UTC 2014

To whom it may concern ,

may i ask for some help about standard graphic routines ?

As a beginner i just have learned all the first level SYNTAX of 
smalltalk 80.

Now , you can imagine , i am interested in writing little GUI windows 
and graphics for

placing some text in the right positions.

Theese are the statements i have studied from my material.

Does anybody know why the statements not work?

Are there any "replacements" for the syntax that i posted here as example ?

Have a nice day


| window |
window := ScheduledWindow new.
window component: 'Hello World' asComposedText.
window open

| window |
window := ScheduledWindow new.
window label: 'Fenster ohne Inhalt'.
window minimumSize: 200 @ 100; maximumSize: 400 @ 300.
window open

displayOn: aGraphicsContext
1 to: 10 do:
aGraphicsContext translation printString
    asComposedText displayOn: aGraphicsContext.
aGraphicsContext translateBy: 15 @ 15]


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