[Newbies] Where are images saved?

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Thu Sep 4 06:03:05 UTC 2014

Hi Emmanuel,

assuming you use a all in one you will find it in the folder 

Don't know how a Mac shows this path.

In a workspace you can enter "Smalltalk imagePath" (without "") and 
printIt. This will give you the path.

That aside I'd try to use the image that goes with the book because 4.5 
differs quite a lot from the image used in the book.

gets you the relevant image. Someone who owns a Mac may show you how to 
get the relevant sources file (V3.9) and a 3.9 VM for the Mac.

I can go searching if you need further help but hopefully someone with a 
Mac chimes in.



Am 04.09.2014 um 05:19 schrieb Emmanuel Genard:
> I just started going through Squeak by Example and I already have a 
> problem. I'm running Squeak 4.5 on a Macbook Air and I can't find 
> where the image files are saved on my hard drive. Can anyone point me 
> in the right direction?
> Thank You
> Emmanuel Genard
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