[Newbies] OSProcess Exit Status 256

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Thu Sep 11 16:51:13 UTC 2014


In addition to ProxyPipeline, another thing that might be useful for the
kind of work you are doing would be the methods in category "command
scripting" of CommandShell. CommandShell uses ProxyPipeline to do the
work, but it looks to me like some of the things you are doing might be
easier to do with a CommandShell.


> Yes, that's right.
> An even easier way to do this is to use ProxyPipeline class>>command: to
> run the command line. This will do all of the Unix shell parsing directly
> in Smalltalk rather than passing it to the external shell. It also
> arranges a pipeline of connected programs all in one step, very much as
> the Unix shell would do for you.
> ProxyPipeline is part of the CommandShell package, which is a companion to
> OSProcess. I expect that you already have it loaded, but if not please do
> give it a try.
> Dave
>> The semicolon between commands is only meaningful in a shell. It tells
>> the shell to run the three programs sequentially. With OSProcess the
>> semicolon and the rest of the line is passed to the first program, which
>> gives you the error.
>> So the easiest way to fix it is to run the three programs separately.
>> Just
>> execute the first, wait till it exits, then start the second, etc.
>> Levente
>> On Thu, 11 Sep 2014, JohnReed Maffeo wrote:
>>> I have an application that has been running for many months which uses
>>> OSProcess to run a program to record an audio stream. The content is
>>> available in two flavors, an mps stream that is recorded in real
>>> time and an flv which is recorded in less than a minute. I am working
>>> to 
>>> refactor the working method to use the faster recording option.
>>> I have a methods to create a command line string which I execute using
>>> OS process. The command to record the mp3 is simple,
>>> the command to record the flv stream is more complex and this may be
>>> the
>>> source of my problem, but I am not sure and I don't know how to debug
>>> it.
>>> If I copy either command to a terminal screen and run them there, the
>>> programs execute as expected.
>>> When I run them in Squeak, the mp3 produces results, the flv dies.
>>> The biggest difference between the two command lines is the use of
>>> semi-colon command separators  and double quotes in the flv example.
>>> The command line for the mp3 is : (exitStatus 0)
>>> /opt/local/bin/ffmpeg -i
>>> mmsh://wm.bbc.co.uk/wms/prod_rb2_wm_wma_low_intl/p025mlpk_b007gwqn_1410010018428.wma
>>> -y -map_metadata -1 -acodec libmp3lame -ab 128k
>>> /Volumes/MediaVault/BBC/Baldi.4.4.6-NoSin.mp3
>>> The command line for the flv is: (exitStatus 256)
>>> /opt/local/bin/rtmpdump
>>> -r"rtmp://bbcodspdns.fcod.llnwd.net:1935/a5999/e1?as=adobe-hmac-sha256&av=1&te=connect&mp=prod_rb2_flv_aac_low_intl/iplayerstream/p025mlpk_b007gwqn_1410009892525.mp4&et=1410418602&fmta-token=9e6e9980cc1fc44517
>>> 3a649286ea33b76018f14be91bebdc361b035283304013"
>>> -a"a5999/e1?as=adobe-hmac-sha256&av=1&te=connect&mp=prod_rb2_flv_aac_low_intl/iplayerstream/p025mlpk_b007gwqn_1410009892525.mp4&et=1410418602&fmta-token=9e6e9980cc1fc445173a649286ea33b76018f14be91bebdc361b0352
>>> 83304013" -y
>>> "mp4:prod_rb2_flv_aac_low_intl/iplayerstream/p025mlpk_b007gwqn_1410009892525.mp4"
>>> -o /Volumes/MediaVault/BBC/490947196.flv ; ffmpeg -loglevel quiet  -i
>>> /Volumes/MediaVault/BBC/490947196.flv -c
>>> copy -copyts /Volumes/MediaVault/BBC/Baldi.4.4.6-NoSin.mp4 ; rm
>>> /Volumes/MediaVault/BBC/490947196.flv
>>> The command generated by OSProcess may be:
>>> /bin/sh -c rtmpdump
>>> -r"rtmp://bbcodspdns.fcod.llnwd.net:1935/a5999/e1?as=adobe-hmac-sha256&av=1&te=connect&mp=prod_rb2_flv_aac_low_intl/iplayerstream/p025mlpk_b007gwqn_1410009892525.mp4&et=1410413706&fmta-token=ccb5e3e42d2288246c
>>> 6d083b34cdc49d43bb94c0a0e536bf9a14fbea2857d4d3"
>>> -a"a5999/e1?as=adobe-hmac-sha256&av=1&te=connect&mp=prod_rb2_flv_aac_low_intl/iplayerstream/p025mlpk_b007gwqn_1410009892525.mp4&et=1410413706&fmta-token=ccb5e3e42d2288246c6d083b34cdc49d43bb94c0a0e536bf9a14fbea
>>> 2857d4d3" -y
>>> "mp4:prod_rb2_flv_aac_low_intl/iplayerstream/p025mlpk_b007gwqn_1410009892525.mp4"
>>> -o /Volumes/MediaVault/BBC/960136998.flv ; ffmpeg -loglevel quiet  -i
>>> /Volumes/MediaVault/BBC/960136998.flv -c
>>> copy -copyts /Volumes/MediaVault/BBC/Baldi.4.4.6-NoSin.mp4 ; rm
>>> /Volumes/MediaVault/BBC/960136998.flv
>>> if this is correct, when I run it at the command line, I get an error:
>>> RTMPDump 2.4 (c) 2010 Andrej Stepanchuk, Howard Chu, The Flvstreamer
>>> Team; license: GPL ERROR: You must specify a hostname (--host) or url
>>> (-r "rtmp://host[:port]/playpath") containing a hostname rm:
>>> /Volumes/MediaVault/BBC/960136998.flv: No such file or directory
>>> but when I inspect the instance of ExternalUnixOSProcess > osp2 :=
>>> ExternalUnixOSProcess command: cmdLine. I don't see anything in
>>> the stdout or stderror.
>>> Thanks for any suggestions,
>>> jrm
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