[Newbies] Re: [squeak-dev] Running Squeak on Mac OS X fails due to damaged file.

Tobias Pape Das.Linux at gmx.de
Mon Sep 29 23:38:08 UTC 2014

Hi Craig,

On 30.09.2014, at 01:26, Craig Latta <craig at netjam.org> wrote:

> Hoi Tobias--
>> Probably Craig can [check the Mac signature on the current release of
>> the Squeak 4.5 app]. Craig?
>     Hm, yes, that Gatekeeper error is what you get when Gatekeeper is
> turned on and allows apps signed by identified developers, but the app
> signature doesn't correspond to the contents. The manual Gatekeeper
> override (opening the app from the menu get by control-clicking or
> right-clicking) doesn't work. The only way to open such an app is to
> turn Gatekeeper off. However, after the first time you open it, you can
> always open it, regardless of Gatekeeper's state after that. See [1].
>     Just when all that seems intelligible (albeit annoying), there's a
> new wrinkle with Mac OS 10.9.5. Oh joy! :)  Apparently you can no longer
> have arbitrary things (like super-evil malicious code, or super-helpful
> documentation) floating around the app folder tree outside the
> "Resources" folder. I had to move all that stuff (in this case, the
> host-dependent-but-non-Macish code and resources) before I could sign it
> again.
>     I imagine there will be differing opinions about where that stuff
> should go and what it should be called, but in the meantime I made a
> choice, fixed the start.sh script for Linux, signed the app, and put it
> at [2].

Great, thank you!.

Can someone™ please upload?


>     thanks,
> -C
> [1] http://support.apple.com/kb/ht5290
> [2] http://bit.ly/1CBwx1I (Dropbox)
> --
> Craig Latta
> netjam.org
> +31   6 2757 7177 (SMS ok)
> + 1 415  287 3547 (no SMS)

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