[Newbies] How to reopen a collapsed Morph from another Morph?

Fredrik Alink falink at free.fr
Thu Aug 13 18:15:43 UTC 2015


Let me shortly introduce myself.
I'm new in this Forum, but not at all with Smalltalk. I did a private
Smalltalk project under IBM VisualAge Smalltalk 6.0 (see
http://imarch.free.fr/), but at a HD crash 10 years ago I lost both
VisualAge and the project, except for the documentation. Recently I decided
to rebuild my former private project and I installed Squeak on my iMac.
Essentially, main differences between the two are VisualAge's Widgets
against Squeak's Morphs.

The Morph problem that I met:
I create a Morph and from that I create another one and collapse the
original one:

(morphA := )MorphA new
	morphB := MorphB new.
	self collapse.

When I close morphB, I want morphA to reopen, but I did not find any methods
for that:

	morphA “uncollapse …... how?”
	self currentWorld removeMorph: self.

I found a sort of “solution”, but is leaves a residu collapsed morph on the

	morphA currentWorld removeMorph: morphA.
	morphA openInWorld.
	self currentWorld removeMorph: self.

morphA reappears opened but the collapsed morphA is still visible on the
display. “restore display (r)” does nothing, but clicking on any of the
collapsed morph's actions x, v, + or – let it disappear.

	Update Squeak ends up in an error message.
	Monticello Browser can't get over 30 versions and ends up in an error

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